Monster Hunter World review by NP:

Monster Hunter is a beloved franchise, and with Monster Hunter Rise up and coming, I decided to look back on MH World. If you need a brief rundown, Monster hunter is a game where you kill monsters. You get materials from those monsters to craft better gear, so then you can kill harder monsters. That is the simplest way I can put it. I played this game on console, and it was a blast. Everytime I faced a monster head on, I feel a rush down my body.

You can’t match the sense of acheivment when you kill a tough monster. And with the selection of 14 unique weapons, there is every way to kill a monster. The only problems I have is that the game can be pretty buggy. It is also pretty grindy. I remember killing a Nergigante lots of times for a specific material, and I have only just gotten it. ( It was the nergigante gem :I ) Although, I guess that is what the game was hoping for. Anyways, I give this game a good 8.5/10

My Halo review:

I regrettably refunded it back in May. NOW I HAVE IT BABY!

The developers has made great improvements to the PC port from when i tried it and when I can, I will get over 1000 hours on this masterpiece.

I started at Halo Reach because that was the first game in the timeline and I originally disliked this game at first because, the combat felt initially arcade like HOWEVER when I retried it the core game play mechanics are solid and enough to win me over and the story is so goooooood (Also, it has glorious 21:9 support!). Nobel Teams story was a tragic one and I did almost shed a tear multiple times a bittersweet ending to bungines involvement with the franchise and the game itself but the soundtrack is great. Halo Reach has the best art style in the franchise Halo: Reach gets an 8/10

After beating Halo Reach as of 16th of November my first reaction was “WOW, I love this game but I don’t know why.” Then I realised it, the story telling is the greatest this ever it is as good as the Half-Life story telling and as I stated before, “the core game play mechanics are solid and enough to win me over “.

When Halo Reach was completed at 100%, i went straight to Halo Combat evolved and that is as great as Halo Reach (probably better than reach actually) also, it has The Master Chief he is as cool as Gordon Freeman and Serious Sam and Duke Nukem also add the DOOM guy/slayer Halo: CE has great level design and enemy design and Weapon sandbox and story. There is always something special about bungie’s first game and it has the least faults. Halo: CE gets an 10/10 for being great and starting off this masterpiece of a franchise.

Now, on to Halo 2. We can all agree and the cut scenes in Halo 2 are so movie like It actually felt like I was in that scene that is one great thing about the cut scenes in Halo, you feel like you are in them. I know when Halo 2 first came out, it was somewhat controversial that you could play as the covenant but I love that, it gives you a reason to look at the point of view of the bad side and the guy who you play as in there, it actually likeable it is not like playing as Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 who was a bad guy. The story in Halo 2 was so awesome in fact, it was a MASTERPIECE i cannot state how great the story in Halo 2. Although the level design was average for a halo game that I have played, the enemy design/AI and the weapon sandbox was great. and even thought it lacks a balance with it’s challenge the story (again) made up for that. Also, Halo 2 and the most insane guitar rifts known to man just listen to Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix and Blow me away it is GREAT. So I give Halo 2 a 8/10.

Halo 3 is a big improvement from Halo 2, the level design is better, it is not borderline psychotic to play the game on legendary it does everything perfectly. Teaming up with Thel ‘Vadam (Arbiter) and the flood was great but… the story was great but not as great as CE. If it had a better story, it would of been better than CE and Halo 3 would of been a masterpiece. Halo 3 is a 9/10

Halo 3 ODST is a good game, it is not as long as the others and it does borrow some of its elements from Halo 3 and it is an Expansion Pack. But it is a kickass game with its cast of memorable characters and the best level design in a Halo game with Mombasa Streets and it has a great soundtrack and atmosphere. I could not Play ODST, but I would not want to.
Halo 3 ODST is an 7/10

Halo 4. I cannot forgive how Chief and Cortana were written and is it tedious to play on higher difficulties and it killed any enjoyment from playing the game. It is somewhat worth playing for completion sake and it is nice to see Chief and Cortana again and see their relationship evolve even if it is over dramatised. 100% has the weakest gameplay in the franchise but is does have some redemption though it’s story. Halo 4 is a 5/10

All in all, Halo is a holy experience and should be played by all.