Monster Hunter World review by NP:

Monster Hunter is a beloved franchise, and with Monster Hunter Rise up and coming, I decided to look back on MH World. If you need a brief rundown, Monster hunter is a game where you kill monsters. You get materials from those monsters to craft better gear, so then you can kill harder monsters. That is the simplest way I can put it. I played this game on console, and it was a blast. Everytime I faced a monster head on, I feel a rush down my body.

You can’t match the sense of acheivment when you kill a tough monster. And with the selection of 14 unique weapons, there is every way to kill a monster. The only problems I have is that the game can be pretty buggy. It is also pretty grindy. I remember killing a Nergigante lots of times for a specific material, and I have only just gotten it. ( It was the nergigante gem :I ) Although, I guess that is what the game was hoping for. Anyways, I give this game a good 8.5/10